Software and data

What do we do?

We build solutions

When we build something, we want to create value before anything else. We make sure to pick the technologies that are fit for the job. We strive to build things fast in order to tests them with your users.

We provide meaning

We work with you and we explain the choices we make. We also provide everything you need to reuse and adapt what we deliver.

Who are we?


Alex is a product oriented software engineer. He has spent most of his career building solutions using web technologies. While staying a "jack of all trades" at heart, Alex is specialized in front-end technologies.


Dialekti is a data scientist and a manager. During her PhD, she cofounded her first startup. Her thesis is about information extraction from scientific articles. Afterward she moved quickly to executive positions in the private sector. She strives to be the "and" in R&D.

What do people say about us?

Elizabeth LeBeau – Director of engineering at Sqreen

Alexandre has a strong understanding of Front End technologies, techniques, and best practices. Beyond these skills, I found that he has a very good sense of initiative as well as ownership. He works to make the environment that he is a part of better - both from a delivery point of view but also contributing to the team itself. He is among the most senior and hard-working front end engineers that I have had as a part of my teams.

Dustin Whitney – CTO at Pinata

I'm CTO of a company that has worked with Zengularity for three years. Alexandre was one of the first engineers to work with us, and has worked with us in a leadership role the entire time. With confidence I can say that you'd be hard pressed to find an engineer with as much breadth and depth of knowledge! We're building a business intelligence platform and the application is a mix of standard web, mobile web, big data and data visualization. There is not one aspect of our application that Alexandre didn't touch.

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